What are Capri Blue candles made of?
What are Capri Blue candles made of?

What are Capri Blue candles made of?


We thought you might like to know what you’re smelling so here’s the scoop. The Capri Blue wax blend consists of mostly soy wax with a small amount of food-grade paraffin (what they rub on apples to make them shiny!). Our all-natural soy wax blended formula has been created to give the ultimate fragrance experience for to our amazing customers.

While soy wax is highly sought after for its sustainable and natural characteristics, adding paraffin to our wax helps to provide a longer burn time. This also provides a more fragrant!

Want to know a little more? Here’s some wick knowledge for you!

Do Capri Blue candles use lead wicks?

No way! The Consumer Product Safety Commission voted unanimously to ban the manufacture and sale of lead-cored wicks in October of 2003.

What types of wicks do Capri Blue candles use?

Capri Blue uses a variety of cotton braided wicks, which are individually chosen based off fragrance and vessel combination. It’s all based off our goal to give you the best fragrance experience possible!

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